The DH and I went out and bought ourselves a pair of Keens. I wasn’t going too, but the pair I got were particularily comfortable, and my other “pratical sandals” are starting to hurt my ankles (it’s like walking barefoot … nice for grass….not nice when you walk on pavement or cement all the time). Nice huh? I put them on as soon as we got our Taco Bell treat and then went to Target to get self inflating bedmats for camping this weekend, and to walk the dog upon arriving home. I have no problems with them, although Tim did get a blister with his green ones. Then again, he hasn’t worn sandals since like the 5th grade.

Today I went to St. Vincent and bought some shirts and shorts. I also had an iced mocha at Lazy Janes with Hilary, Leta and Mina. Afterward I came home and decreed it was still cool enough to not turn on the air conditioner. I don’t approve it being turned on until it reaches or surpases 84. I watched Oprah who is doing a series on debt in america, and tried to make my Buffy T-shirt into a v-neck. The problem I am facing now, is that after wearing it for a few hours it feels like it’s stretching more than I would like. No I didn’t reinforce the edges with anything, but I did hem it. I just don’t like feeling like my bra strap is showing. Now I have to try and figure out a solution to this…..It’s hard because the shirt is baggish and large anyway….so doing darts on the top would make it look like a mumu. Hm. Must put on thinking cap.

After that, I went sparring, then home to feed the animals and off to shop.

Geez, I gotta make a list for the things I have to do tomorrow. For now? I am tired. This morning was awful getting to work. I eventually rolled in 45 min late (I called ahead). I simply could not motivate myself to move. I almost fell asleep again on the couch with hot coffee in my hand when I was trying to wake myself up by watching TV!

I’ll write you a letter Hilary. That’ll be nice.

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