I just had a pretty awesome morning. First we got up. Then stopped at the post office so I get something notarized. That is an FYI for you folks, the Post Office offers FREE notaries. No more having to worry about if the Bank has one, or if anyone is around. Then we stopped at our credit union to deposit a check from the state for taxes. Then Tim dropped me off at Hilary’s.

This is where it gets pretty good. I got a homemade breakfast: Countess Hilarycristo. It was DELICIOUS! Very good. And coffee. Then we packed up ourselves into swimsuits and braved the pool. The sky was overcast still and it was pretty cloudy, but all the rain had already rained itself out. It took some coaxing to get all of us in the water, but in the end the girls didn’t want to leave. Typical. I wouldn’t have minded staying longer either, but the day is fullish.

Now I am sitting on her futon and enjoying her wireless laptop. God this thing is great. I totally want to get one for myself. I want to sit in my living room or outside patio typing up little posts. It feels so different than just sitting in the office or at work. It’s almost like it is fun.

Oh I got postcard stamps! Some lucky winners will be the recipients of postcards from Washington State. I need to make the list when I get home … if I remember. But I still have to shop for food for camping. Not everything is ready.

I can’t believe it’s going to be 95 tomorrow…but at least it isn’t going to rain. I suppose that is a small solance there. I think this is the hottest it is ever going to be for us on one of our camping trips. I am totally gonna bring my new lounge chaise, a book and a water spritzer to keep myself cool and relaxed. We are also camping in style because we got an air mattress! We tried those self inflating ones first….but after trying one out I knew it was going to suck. It totally for just backpacker camper…not the car campers that we are.

BTW, the Keen sandals are utterly awesome. They are so comfortable. I can’t believe how nice they are….and I am really looking forward to wearing them in the water to see just how water proof they actually are.

There was one other thing…what was it….it was….uh…..hm. Now what was it….I was gonna say somet OH yes. I was going to say that when I get home I’ll wash my Jen style. Which is to say in the sink, however I am going to use Shampoo instead of dish soap.

oh snap!

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