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We went on vacation and did the following:

Camped at Kettle Moraine on the hottest weekend this summer, went swimming in mussel filled lake, went mountain biking where I busted out my back tire, and had a lot of fun catching up with good friends. Sunday we traveled back to Madison and exchanged our camping gear for vacation gear. I managed to pack Tim’s aggressive skates – which mostly took up the biggest suitcase (you see, I could have packed both our stuff in the smaller one for the week. We pride ourselves on not over packing). Then we traveled to Chicago and spent the night at Callie and Jason’s before catching a cab to the airport on Monday morning.

The flight there was on time and smooth, although the MC for the flight totally sucked. Basically we started on a the biggest jet out there, switched to a 16-20 plane and finished off with a 4 seat puddle jumper over to Orcas Island. It was great!

We had time to kill the first day, so after eating and looking around Eastsound (the biggest village on the Island) we went hiking. Now I thought I’ve hiked before….but I didn’t know what real mountain hiking was like. The trails were tough, narrow and utter beautiful because of the old growth trees. I didn’t know trees could get that big. The only thing that marred that first hiking expedition was that I tripped over a root and totally skinned my left knee. Tim heard the whip out and backtracked to find me with a “Oh great. Now our vacation is over. You are gonna need stitches!”

Well, that wasn’t true. The fall did hurt and I wanted to cry, but with a response like that? I couldn’t fall to the darkside. I sucked it up and said “It’s okay, dude. Shit, I’m fine.” The scrape had a pretty deep cut in it, but not deep enough for stitches. I should know, I have had enough of them. It was all covered in that fine, dirty dirty.

“You should clean it out,” Tim said.

“Gimme your water bottle,” I replied and squirted it on my leg while rubbing. It was still numb so it didn’t hurt yet. Of course when I got a good portion of the dirt out, it started to bleed …. a lot.

“We should go back,” Tim stated, with glum air.

“Nah, it’s fine,” I replied and watched the river of blood start down my leg. “Oh maybe just go to the car and get a band aid from the first aid kit.”

“Okay,” Tim answered warily.

We got back to the rental car and dug out my little first aid kit. I wiped it with the antiseptic, wiped off the blood off my leg and slapped a band aid on it. Right as rain. Later on, at the Bed and Breakfast, I recleaned it with soapy water and hydrogen peroxide. It stung all and kept bubbling even after four times…and I just called it good. Put another band aid on it (which I took off later that night so that a scab could form). I still have it – I think it will take another week or so to fall off. Mostly I am thankful that I didn’t fall off the trail, now THAT would have hurt.

Geez. Look how long this is getting….I can’t recap the whole thing. If I did you would end up reading this for days upon days. I mean, do you really want to hear it? It’s such good letter material though….

Yeah, you know what? I’ll just let the pictures talk about it.

Not pictured though…that we did do…was Pike’s Market, more eating, went to the Vogue on Capitol Hill, walked University Ave in the University District, rollerbladed around Green Lake, got extremely lucky in flights and pickups and …general travel karma.

The rest I am going to save for a letter. If you want one, let me know. It feels like I have tons of free time right now…even though I just signed up myself up for a month trial at Monkey Bar gym. I plan on going every day at four o clock. I have the motivation to boost my fitness level and I should take advantage of it.

I also got a bike basket type thing to carry stuff on my bike. It’s cool. The basket is a little rattlely—but it’s so nice to ride bike without constantly adjusting my bag. I also got biker gloves…now I feel like a total nerd, but those gloves have padding and are so comfy.

To sum it up:

Vacation was awesome.

And we missed the cats and Pluto and they missed us.

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