Oh….how it goes.

This week I went to Great America. It was tons of fun. I went on 18 rides, had subway and a sunday funnel cake. Yum. Wednesday I played pool with Eric and Kate and my new train friend Kellie and her boy, Andy. It was nice. We made plans for Saturday to go to Neo. Then I just remembered that Ben said he would come and visit. Ben the brother in law. However, it is now Thursday and I still haven’t heard anything from him.

I feel like I am addicted to email right now. I just want to read and read the exploits and adventures of others lives. Writing back and commenting on that… Makes the bigger pictures a little more viewable. Then again, I just want to go on a warm, sandy beach with some nice drinks, a umbrella, a good friend and relax. Talk when we feel like it, swim to cool off, and dry in the sun. Don’t have to be anywhere. Don’t have to responsible for daily problems, don’t have to figure out the meaning of life, and solutions to …life’s problems. I would rather think about how I am going to spend my night and what I am going to have for dinner, and what to wear. Small, trivial things seems so pleasant. So inviting. I just want to live, and enjoy being, and have those around me…enjoy that too. Not be wracked with guilt, indecision, confusion, anxiety, or ennui.

I want to play. Badmitton. Chess. Hearts. Hide and seek. Tag. Wrestle. Swim. Race. Charades. Fish. Rollerblade. Ride bike. Ride horse. Dance.

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