Yesterday was really hot. I went and bought some cinnamon rolls, glasses, toothbrush holder and socks at rummage sales yesterday on my own and with Laima (we also went and visited Atwood days and then picked up veggies). It was SUPER HOT. Like, I’m melting and all wanted to do was spend some quality time inside.

My mantra yesterday was “Sore is not broken. Sore is not broken. It’s all in your mind. Mind over organic matter.”

Sitting was impossibly hard. Today it’s a bit better….but oh man yesterday was awful.

We picked up Andrew yesterday and everyone helped pick me a big ol’ bucket of blackberries. I am gonna make me a pie! And maybe have some leftover for crumble or something. Oh that sounds good. :) For now, I am going back to St. Dennis to cash in my tickets for some corn.

— later

I got a bag full of books and magazines. A whole bunch of old New Woman’s magazines from the late 70′s. It’s facinating.

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