Tim didn’t pick me up after TKD, so I started to walk. About 6 blocks into it Mr. Ring pulls up in van next to me and tells me that Tim called the Rings to tell me/them that he couldn’t pick me up. So Mr. Ring went after me and finished giving me a ride home.

What happened?

This is what happened. Tim was walking Pluto and was about two blocks from home, across the street from Saint Dennis Church/School on Dempsy when a Celica drove by and the teenage passenger side occupant whipped a 3/4 full bottle of gaterade at Tim hitting him in the abdomen.

He went down and stayed there until the 911 came, Andrew went and got Pluto. When I came home, Tim was in great pain but was driving himself to Urgent Care to get checked out and make sure there is no internal bleeding. Apparently he was able to walk home after the ambulance checked him out…but who knows what else. He wouldn’t tell me anything else.

This sucks people. I can’t tell you how angry I am right now at this stupid fucking world.

The one bright lining to this….was that until one week ago, we were uninsured and had been for 3.5 months.

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