I was pretty mad last night and ended up going out where I smoked 6 smokes and holy cow am I feeling that today. Ugh. I think the chest/lung hangover is worse than the actual 3 beer hangover. I’m not all that bad though, just tired feeling. I am gonna have to shake it off though. No rest for the wicked.

Monkey bar is hard. Today will be my 5th class. I was so sore from the two classes last week that I could barely sit up or sit down. I had to have help or just kind of flop myself down. Luckily that was gone by Monday. NOW my core hurts as does my upper back.

I am glad that Tim is feeling okay about the whole incident yesterday. I guess it’s true that you get mad when your loved one is hurt more than they do.

I hope karma comes back to kick that kid in the ass. Or something.

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