Tim’s feeling better, but still quite sore.

I just had a bunch of fruit for lunch. Last night Andrew and I made stirfry and blackberry pie, then we watched the first season (miniseries) of Battlestar. It was awesome to rewatch it, two/three years later, knowing what we all know now. He said he liked it. Good, I have more on the way.

Tonight I am forcing Tim to watch the Passion of Christ so that we can send it back. I don’t want to see it, but he’s insisted on seeing it now for the past three weeks…gah! I hate it when the netflix queue gets clogged up with unsavory movies that we are unwilling to send back. I mean we do want to see them, maybe just not right now…or then..or you know what I mean.

Andrew sawed branches, mowed grass and picked up poop yesterday! He’s such a good worker. :) I like having little brothers visit. It’s more than that though, it’s just fun to have someone to hang out with and do same old same old stuff with. I wonder if he would want to learn cribbage….hm.

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