A bit of a close call there. Tim went to let Pluto out and saw that the backdoor was broken. I went to inspect and saw to my horror what looked like Arkham sitting outside on the porch. It WAS Arkham. Tim said “The door was wide open.”

I told Arkham to get inside and then Tim and I went looking for the other two cats. Innsmouth was in the hallway, but Migo was nowhere to be seen. We called for her, and Tim went back outside to look.

“She’s out here!” he called.

I ran to the door, to see Migo on the bottom step…looking as skittish as ever. We called to her softly “Migo, Migo, come inside Migo.” We didn’t dare go after her. She stood at the bottom, looking ready to bolt. I went back inside and got a bag of treats and shook them. She came running in. Thank god that cat lives by her stomach.

These cats are NOT outside cats. They don’t have collars…and despite our close call, I still don’t see the need in putting one on them. From now on, we need to be more careful.

After the close call, I felt a wave of the blues. I didn’t want to go shopping so late and neither did Tim. We decided to go tomorrow night and just eat lots of vegetables tomorrow for lunch. Besides, there is a little leftover dinner — pasta and chicken. The potatos were all gobbled up. You see, we never have leftover vegetables. I think that is because it’s the only thing we can eat without feeling guilty, so we stock up on them.

Anyway, sorting laundry and putting it away calmed me down a bit. I should really take a shower, but a part of me says “Eh, wait until tomorrow morning.” I think I am going to listen to that part. I don’t like getting wet, and tonight it would be a godly feat to make me get wet. I think the humidity helps with that feeling. Even though, logically, a shower would make me feel dry and better.

I also have acne breaking out left and right. It’s like it’s showing up in a matter of hours!

Today in general was a pretty lazy day. Andrew and I played 500 Rummy and Old Maid, watched a few movies and I took a short nap. I think it was a typical Sunday. Maybe that is it…too much Sunday = the blues. Usually after I feel this way, I get inspired to write a lot. But it’s late right now, and I don’t feel like that is a good idea. I also have like a bunch of post cards that are written, stamped and ready to be mailed….for the last two weeks. I haven’t mailed them. I have a letter to my pal Sam from 4 weeks ago, disassembled and scattered. I don’t want to send it anymore. It feels like old news to me. I should start fresh. I would love to type some letters, but we are out of printer ink.

Oh! Another email from a long lost friend. Pardon me while I go read it.

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