Hm it would appear my dear Kersten is free to criticize me for not posting all the time, yet she herself doesn’t seem to know how to hit a few buttons.

I am really excited because this week is only a three day week. WahOO and the one of the three is already done. I have that energy that comes with not having to work, and sitting in an air conditioned room while most of my friends suffer. Thank god for freon.

Wednesday night: Mike and Rachal give me a ride to Milwaukee, where I meet up with my brother in law Ben. Go watch fireworks

Thursday: Hang out with Ben and do whatever he wants to do. At night to go a concert and meet up with Sigrid and Matt stay over at Sigrid’s place.

Friday: Get a ride back downtown to the bus depot, take bus to Madison. Look up old friends, and crash at Lowen’s house

Saturday: More hanging out, and at night going to Ben and Jen’s Pregger’s Party for food and fun fun fun, stay over night.

Sunday: Get ride back downtown, or even back to Milwaukee, depending on my persuasion skills and charm. Then Ben picks me up and drives me back to Chicago. He’s such a dear. I am starting to think I should take next Monday off as well, and make it into a real five day minivacation.

Don’t worry, I will bring my camera and document my little southwestern wisconsin adventure.

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