Crabby babby bo snabby banana fana bo ….yeah I never really knew how to do that. You get my point. I woke up this morning TIRED, and I realized I forgot to put in my mouth guard last night. That means I must have fallen asleep quickly — but I hate not sleeping without it lately because I worry if ground my teeth.

My teeth are pretty worn down…nothing is sharp in my head — except my wit of course. ;)

Anyway. So I laid in bed for awhile thinking of reasons I should get up (aside from work) and enjoying my warm sheets. Tim started to call Pluto to go outside, but he wouldn’t come. No, instead he wanted to come by me and get attention. So I petted him, Tim kept calling him and then came into see Pluto NOT wanting to go outside. “Fine, you can take him out.” He said.
No! I wanted to say in bed

“No! Call him again!” I said quickly. He didn’t. He kept walking down the hall, ignoring me.

That woke the beast. I know he could hear me, and there is nothing I can’t stand more than when I am ignored…when I KNOW they can hear me. It makes me furious! (Especially today). So I got up, stomped to the kitchen and did something I regretted almost immediately, on the way to the door.

Three minutes later I apologized. It was something I should never do. :( God, what’s gotten into me?

And Pluto? Well, he was in a fabulous mood this morning. Gosh, still a little limpy, but chipper nonetheless. Maybe I could take him on a gimpy walk this afternoon.

The bike ride in was ridiculous! Everyone was “out” to show us how fast they were and doing many dangerous things to prove it. Going against reds, passing in front of on coming bikes/pedestrains. God, what a bunch of assholes out there! And Tim was trying to be one of them! I scolded him (about 1/4 of the way left go for him) about what the hell he had to prove and that he was getting caught up in the road warrior mentality.) He admitted he was tired…and I admitted to be overly angry about all the road warriors almost killing themselves and making me be a potential witness.

Anyway. All my angst was going to be directed at a stupid staff meeting I was supposed to have this morning, but happy news! It’s next week!

Now I should stop being crabby, although the gums inside of my teeth hurt. I think they were burned from eating corn on the cob last night at high temperatures.

Tonight I will make pot roast.

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