Today we discovered the reason why Tim’s checkcard was being declined, starting last Friday night. Through atm-skimming, random numbers, or chinese mysticism his checkcard number was stolen and about 160 dollars worth of fraud was committed. It would have been 300 more if the fine folks at VISA hadn’t caught it and put his card on hold.

I spent this afternoon at the new Credit Union … well more like revamped over by Camp Randall. A very nice lady helped me fill out forms and answered all of my questions. Tim is still going to need to sign the despute form in front of a notary, but that is all he is going to have to do. He is also without a checkcard for the next two weeks or so while they work on reissuing a new one.

When he got hit with the gatorade bottle, he had theorized that one more bad thing was coming his way because “things go in threes.” I guess this is…although now for the life of me I can’t remember what the first bad thing was. I would hazard to guess Innsmouth and her mulititude of problems.

I guess we are going through an unlucky time right now. I guess that has to happen every now and then. Doesn’t mean I have to like it though.

As for the weekend…it was good. We took Andrew back home and Lori (his Mom) had picked us 4 cups worth of blackberries! Awesome! I put them in the freezer and will hatch a delicious plan for them later. We also attended the Madison Area Music Festival….which was really more like a picnic in Warner park. When we first showed up, nothing was working. So we went and had breakfast at Denny’s, after that we returned and chilled for a few hours before heading home to get our camping chairs, busy stuff to do, and drinks — one of which was called Spark Lite. It’s a malt beer/energy drink combo — Let me tell you, that stuff is weird. I had one and half before I had to quit drinking them. Tim and Andrew left to get some pizza, and we stayed until the end.

I was rather tired when I got home, but yet still found it in me to go to the Inferno with Sarah and Dave. I can’t pass up a chance to hang out with them — especially since they are the “perfect” people to go to the Inferno with. They are quite happy to just sit there and chill, dancing, talking or just sitting as the mood strikes. I like that. I even managed to dance a bit myself….but whenever I do that I am more inspired to just go home and do some interpretive dance in my living room.

My knees are killing me folks. I might be desperate enough to try that guacosime stuff. Too bad the bunch we had gotten for Tim — I had given away to his parents. I was going to get some after work, but was delayed with the bank and the bike route back was condusive to stop by community pharmacy. Besides, I have only 25 minutes ….part of which is being used to write this post …before I head off to Monkey Bar. I took some aspirin so I hope that helps deal with unbearable knee pain.

Oh…here is what Tim has to say about the “three’s” thing. He’s such an optimist.

“The ‘things come in threes’ is a myth. People want to see patterns, and so a pattern they will see. And three is a naturally powerful number in peoples’ minds.

Anyway, why do you think there was a number 1 before the Gatorade Incident? I mean, I remember saying something about things coming in threes, but I’m not sure why I thought the Gatorade Incident was the second in a pattern…..

Uh oh. Maybe it’s only TWO!! Three has yet to come…..”

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