Yesterday and today were those kinds of days where you just resign yourself to not being happy about anything…realizing there is nothing that can be done about, and instead just force yourself to do some productive things while distancing yourself from the world.

That said, I didn’t yell at Tim or get mad at things that were out of my control, or weren’t going right (although he was creeped out by my calm and kept asking what he did to piss me off…and then would be preemptively mad….he said this morning that he preferred the ‘hollering Laura’ instead.)

I kept thinking that I wanted yesterday to be remembered for something other than being crabby. This what I did:

-put a metal storage shelf together in the basement, it was very difficult and already had been given up twice by Tim saying it needed major help, vice grips and what not. It really just needed a lot of patience and elbow grease. It’s done though!

-I went to TKD
-I went to sparring (not saying if any actual sparring ensued)
-Wrote a long letter to Sam (but couldn’t print it, stupid printer/computer)
-Started a hand written letter to Myrna
-Walked Pluto
-Called my Mom (big bonus! And dangerous considering how I get “yelly” at the drop of a hat with them. Last night I got mad because she started badmouthing my Dad. I said “Where are you getting that information?”
“The boys” she replied (referring to my older brothers).
“When was the last time either of them talked to Dad?” I demanded.
“Uhhh….” she quavered.
“I can tell you the last time Shane talked to Dad was at Diana’s funeral, and Doug? It’s been months.” I said.
“Well, I know what he is like…” she said.
“Do you? When was the last time YOU talked to him?”


“You see?” I said, calming down. “None of you talk to him or know anything about anything. So unless one of you actually talk to him within the last three months, I don’t want to hear it. Let’s change the subject.”

She agreed to do that).

-Cleaned up the living room
-Went to bed early.

Okay, gonna go make Lasagna now. I’m hungry!

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