Baby steps. This week is already better. Yesterday I met my mini endurance goals of not overeating, exercise, cooking, and coffee with Hilary (though sometimes I feel like a bit of a dud). Anyway…I was a dud who went out and tried.

Today, I plan on doing more of the same except with healthy doses of laundry and putting it away as well as taking a shower. Gah, I hate taking showers. The rubber matt thing on the bottom that I got at Dollar General 3 months ago has disintegrated. I should throw it out before I take the shower. I also plan on wiping down the bathroom counter.

I also have a phone call that I have to make that I don’t want too. :(

OH! And on our way home yesterday, Tim and I ran into Andy A! He has brown hair now…he said it grew in like that but under the impression that it was still light. Whatev! It was totally medium brown, no light about that. Anyway, he still lives in Madison with his gf, works two jobs without benefits and has an awesome bike. :)

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