Since I don’t want you think I had a BIG head by talking about my estimate of 100 people (two people pointed out they checked from at least three different ISP’s). Well then, let’s take a look, shall we? I chose to focus on July because it was the most recent complete month.

Year to Date Web Statistics
Vistors –Number of Visits–Pages—– Hits ——- Bandwidth

Jan06 —–827 ————-1467 ————-4308 —-21977— –191.89 MB

Feb06—- 478 —————932 ————–4446 —-16914—–145.00 MB
Mar06—- 582————— 1133————-6385—–22193—-183.54 MB
Apr06– –621————— 1115————–4960 —15727— 147.87 MB
May06—- 474————– 1006———- 4404—-16997—- 155.01 MB
Jun06 —–400————– 813————-4296—- 14832—– 135.35 MB
Jul06—- 423————– 802————5480— 24675 —-474.27 MB
Aug06—- 304————– 601—————1839—–7307——79.69 MB

Total—— 4109———— 7869 ———–36118 ——–140622—— 1.48 GB

Page Views – Page views are the amount of pages that are viewed on average.
Unique Visitors – Unique visitors are individual new visitors to your website.


–> Most connect to my site via direct address, followed by links from other pages (not including search engines, and finally search engines.

–>The most popular two days that people check my website are on Tuesday and Wednesday.

–>The average time spent at my site during July: 235 seconds

–>Most people visit my site between 7:00AM and 11:00 AM.

–>I had 423 new people visit my site, which means there are 379 regulars per month.

So, if Sarah, Laima, and other folks each check my site with three different isps, that would still be at least 126 people per month.

I stand by my earlier estimate.

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