There was a malfunction in one of the tornado sirens this morning at 4.30….it went on for about 35 minutes…after ten minutes and determining that there was no tornado or impending doom, I went back to bed with some ear plugs. Over all it was a crappy nights sleep, made apparent by Pluto not wanting to get up this morning to do his bidness. When the dog is a slug butt, that tells you that it was rotten all around.

I sprained my left toe! I sprained it at sparring and it did hurt then, but went away. I didn’t feel the stiffness and over all “ugh” until a few hours later. Is this my first sparring injury? I think so.

I told you about that one guy that kicked his toe off right? EWww! At least that didn’t happen.

Yeah, so I am taking the day off from Monkey Bar today to clean the house, walk the dog and make sure my toe doesn’t get too hurt. Besides I have TKD tonight…and house cleaning is exercise, believe it or not. I also want to spend some time stretching today. It’s been awhile since I have actually spent 20 minutes doing a good stretch. I can’t be confusing strength with flexibity….as I think I have been.

The coffee this morning was not to my taste. I decided to make a pot of chai tea instead….oh and there are leaves all over the ground! Dang it. I thought I ordered summer to stick around for quite a bit longer…. I don’t want winter to be here yet….But I can tell it’s getting darker again earlier. The afternoon sun is looking more “golden,” and some mornings I am beginning to debate the need for a light jacket.

I need to go wash my face now. It feels oily.

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