This just in! I have a new scent. I had tried it on someplace…I can’t remember, and I thought it was awesome. I think vacation….yeah that must have been it. It’s been in the back of my head since thing, and today when I was picking up something for a friend, I treated myself to a perfume. It’s a small roll on stick — of …..*drumroll*


I can’t explain it…it’s so nice. I think an important role model in my life must have worn it at one point, but maybe it’s more than that. Lily of the Valley is nice…but right now Wysteria is speaking to me.

This weekend was low key. We bought a dehumidifier to help the basement. It got lots of water from all the rain, and had been smelling moldy. Mold is never good, so I cleaned up the water but it wasn’t going anywhere because the humidity was so high. The new humidifier is Energy Star approved and works like a dream. It was also on sale at Menards….it’s amazing how much water is in the air.

Tim and I went on a 30 mile bike ride in about 2.25 hours. We were tired at the end, to be sure. Then not an hour later Laima called us asking if we were up to riding bike over to Orton Park to see the modern dancers …dance with swings… (arial dancers). We said sure, because we were hungry. We went, saw some movement and then stopped at the Glass Nickle for cheap drinks and some eats and headed home. It was a good night.

Sunday I …. uh….played lots of video games, and cooked. I made macaroni salad, jello, chicken/apple salad, and some kind of tomato/egg dish … a fritta as my coworker said it was, with breaded tofu.

I had to ride home in the rain today so I got all wet. It wasn’t supposed to rain past noon….dangit. At least I didn’t melt. I am thinking of spending the next two hours on the couch with a cup of tea, a dog and some letter writing or newspaper reading. I smell wonderful! I should spend some time with me. ;)

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