The postoffice is TOO SLOW! Damnit. Priority mail is 1-2 days…not 1-3 or 4 days…right? Maybe I shouldn’t have bothered and went with regular mail because that seems to move faster. Maybe it got seized…hm.

I made chili today. I totally winged it. Now THAT is a sign that I can cook. It’s weird to think of that. It’s simmering right now for the next hour or two. Simmering = better.

This morning I decided to sleep in. So after not being able to sleep in at 6.40 because the cat was scratching obessively in the box, the alarm kept going off and that damned chipmunk is chirping I got up to eat some cereal and look at the news. Man, Charlie Shortino has grey hair! He is a much superior weather man than that other woman that was subbing for him. I want my Charlie telling me to have a good ____ morning. Anyway. After Tim left, I went back to bed.

Pluto started whining. I told him to go to bed and lay down. He whined more…and after awhile I managed to ignore it all and fell asleep. A brief sleep because soon the sun woke me up (I dreamed it was a car crash). Pluto was whining again, so I said “FINE!” and got up to let him outside again. He went out to the yard right away and started pacing. I thought he just had to go poop and probably didn’t go this morning.

I let him in after awhile, he does more whining and pacing and finally settles onto the couch. I figured he was depressed. Then I got busy with my morning of cleaning, internet wasting, and writing. Later on, I was looking for my sandals so I could take laundry out to the line and bring in that red sheet that has been there for over two weeks….and stepped in something. I looked down and see that the entire floor in front of Pluto’s crate is covered in dog barf. Great. I took my sock off and went to call Tim and tell him how horrible of a owner I was.

Poor Pluto was just telling me that he wasn’t feeling well…and I tell him to go to bed. :(

So I played with him this afternoon in the backyard, and he gets a walk this evening. Tim fed him old meat and we think it went bad.

– oh wait, my brother said that they DID get the package. Just no one ever tells him.

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