Hurray for the weekend! A four day weekend for me. I started it off right by sleeping in until 10:20. I watched a movie — Roxy Charmeical (sp) with Winona Ryder in it. IT was ok……the boy love interest is the same kind that was in Honey I Shrunk the Kids…I wonder whatever happened to him.

Then I showered, I’ve done some busy work, and now I am about to go over to Amy’s for a visit. Tim isn’t back yet…I might have to just call him. I can’t wait around all day. We have a skate to do later, and then tonight I want to go to Taste of Madison for Dinner downtown at the Capitol. Of course we can do that around 6 or 7…they close at eight…so I want to get there in time for good things to eat. Oh and we have to pick up our vegetables.

That chili I made? It was declared the best chili I have EVER made by the DH. The best…now that is some high praise. Tim is a good feedback person when it comes to food. I like to try new recipes (how else are you gonna be better cook), so I usually drill him on what he thought of the taste, consistency, etc after every dinner.

Happy Labor Day weekend dudes….maybe I’ll post more later. But you know how it is.

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