Sometimes I can’t post to wazika when I am at work. SO I make the post and it sits there until I get home and retry. But then there are other times when a missive gets through. I thought I would try and do that today. Write something and see..but it’ll be short.

This day is doom and gloom part 2. Yesterday I was fortunate enough to have Hilary call and get me for a coffee break. I was working hard on my third nap of the day and kind of bored, cold and uninspired. After having some soy chai though, and splitting a pecan roll and scone, I was inspired to make the rest of the day cozified and nice. I went home, took a hot bath with mineral salts I got from a friend and read Good Housekeeping. Then I got dressed in soft, comfortable clothes, make a hot pot of tea, and parked it on the couch where I was joined by my favorite kitty to read the Sunday paper.

Later Tim came home and we went to Borders where I got Magic for Beginners (wow, it’s good…), and the first three Artemis Fowl books. We also went grocery shopping and only hunger splurged a little bit.

Now here I am today at work. Tim gave me a ride because of the rain, so I have to take the bus home. Only 50% of us came in though. I always come in. I rarely miss work. Partly because of that awesome feeling I have after I finish a day where I think “FINALLY, a day to myself to get shit done.”

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