It’s really foggy this. Thick, soupy fog. Always a strange thing to see in the city. I don’t like walking past the window because the fog kind of reminds of snow. All that white…and all that white is coming too soon. Everyone says that this winter is going to be cold and bitter. For once, I am actually inclined to agree.

I told Tim that I wanted an electric blanket…he suggested finally splurging for a down comforter. I love those things….I have always wanted one. But it’s so hard to justify paying over a hundred dollars for a blanket. I might also invest in more…I don’t know…layering type stuff for the house. I am tired of being cold, and the best way to beat the cold is to bundle up. But wearing a blanket around the house 1. pisses Tim off (I made a poncho, but taking a blanket and cutting out a hole in the middle) 2. gets in the way of me doing things, like cleaning, cooking, etc. The same kind of goes for the robe, and both things I have to change if I want to leave the house not looking like a crazy person.

I started Monkey bar again yesterday. We did pushups, chinups, broad jumps, jumping up to touch something high, and jumping on and off boxes. I love these workouts because they are so simple, so seemingly easy, and yet finishing them feels like I climbed Mount Everest. I was hoping I wouldn’t be sore today…. that it would kick on on Saturday or Friday. But I was wrong. IT’s here now, and here to stay. During my little two week haitus from Monkey Bar, I had gotten to a point where I was NOT sore every day. To think, I was actually starting to like it.

BUT…I must continue on my goal of a full, honest to god chin up by December 1st.

We are getting another foster dog on Sunday. Driving down to Lake Geneva to pick it up…it’s already come a long way, all the way from Florida. It’s cat friendly and has been living in house already, so this should be an easy, short term foster. There are lots of applications in for cat friendly dogs, and there are lots of non-cat friendly dogs in the kennel. In the mean time we have transitioned to feeding Innsmouth her special cat food in the bathroom, and now we have to find a place to put that cat box.

You see, we had to put Innsmouth and her cat box IN the kennel at the height of her bloody pee problem. She needed to eat her crystal dissolving food, and have access to the potty. Now I think all of the cats have gotten used to the idea of a cat box being there.

Now the sun is shining and has burned away all the fog. But you know what? I said SUN! Yes! After a five day hiatus, the sun has a come back into my life.

Today is my first class at MATC for my three course home improvement class (electrical, plumbing and general home improvement). Last night, after walking the dog I noticed that there was two new messages on the answering machine. One of which was my instructor introducing himself and wondering if I had any electrical questions/ or things I wanted to talk about. Of course I do! I have tons, since I don’t know anything about working with electricity yet — I will be a sponge of knowledge. Yeah, so that’s really cool that he called (probably trying to desperately think of what to talk about tomorrow), and I am pretty excited to show up tonight and learn how to take control of my house. I wonder how many people will be in the class…. I should probably look the class up and make sure I don’t need to buy any books or bring any materials with me… Tonight also marks the start of Tim’s french class.

This Saturday we are going to go to Monroe to celebrate Cheese with other wisconsinites. We have room in the car for anyone who wants to go. I need to clean that car…that is one of my goals for today, to clean it. But first, I need to take an effin’ shower, get dressed, and pay some bills, then go to Noon monkey bar class, come back, clean the car, and then hop on my bike and head back downtown to meet Tim at his work and go to Subway to split a sub for dinner and then off to our classes. Luckily he is done at 8, so he can head home and take care of the dog and all that. I don’t get done until 9:00.

Last night I had a cooking diaster. Apparently you cannot make squash pancakes with already cooked squash, nor can you try to save it by sticking it in the oven. It still is going to taste rubbery, nasty and disgusting. What a blow after two stellar nights of dinners. It amazes me sometimes, how my experiments with cooking can be so far off. Afterwards, we had a craft night at Laima’s and gorged ourselves on fresh baked bread…oh my gosh it was so good. I had this idea to make fingerless gloves for work…and it’s…well another experimental work in progress. Hilary said that if I had checked my horrorscope yesterday it would have advised against ‘experimenting.’

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