I have a purring cat seated on my lap. It’s the only warm thing about me. I woke up this morning with a headache caused by someone/thing punching my jaw all last night.

Oh wait, it was probably me. :( I wonder what the dreams were about that caused me to grind so much (thank goodness for that stupid mouth guard, otherwise my teeth would be worse than they are). In any case, the DH bought me some generic tylenol and blocked the dogs in the bedroom and slept it off. In 45 min, I felt much better but tired. Not the day has progressed and I have spent most of it looking at the stupid internet and feeling cold. My tea is gone, but there is a whole pot of it in the kitchen if I could just tear myself away from this cat on my lap. It’s the last of the Sunset Cinnamon tea that DH bought me last year as a happy suprise. It’s good and just what this day needs.

I suppose a hot shower might liven things up, and putting laundry away. That’s always really exciting, right? Yeah, I thought so. My driving lesson is at 12.30 today…so I should be ready by then to possibly cause a huge accident. …. I’m just kidding. I am sure it will be fine. Depending on how that goes I might scedule for my road test right now, apparently you have to schedule these things 12 weeks in advance.

I have decided my questions of the week are: Do you believe god cares about your individual concerns (Great comments btw, Lori and Jen), Do you believe in Free Will, and Do you believe in fate/destiney.

I really need to work on my writing story. I have only two sentences down, and that ain’t gonna cut it. But after the lesson, I have monkey bar and then my three hour class at MATC where I hope to learn more than just background knowledge. Tim has been practicing his french all week. I almost felt guilty for not having any actual homework. ;) Almost.

This week has gone by fast…and cold. I have started to think about the winter clothes nestled away in the basement, and bringing them back out. I also think I need to go through my closet again and get rid of things I don’t wear…or at least put them inthe basement? The problem with that is, that one wears T-shirts all year…under the other clothes. Layered like.

Okay. Hot shower should revive me and get me excited about this day.

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