I might feel a little out of sorts today.

Last night, I watched the third episode of Odyssey Five. Eric was kind enough to tape it for me last week while I was out adventuring in Wisconsin. I took a roll and half of pictures, and developed the pictures yesterday….but don’t think there are too many good ones in there. I might be selective when I put them up. Speaking of putting them up, I upgraded my html editing program my computer in the bedroom, so expect to see more improvements on the website. What kind of improvements? I think mostly just more pictures, with actual captions since I have received complaints on the alternative text.

Tonight is the first Wednesday in which I am starting my “Wednesday Night Movie Night” by myself. My pool buddies decided to ditch me for romantic evening of playing in mud (think Ghost). Since Tim is still playing, I am left to my own devices. That could mean I might just work on stuff in the bedroom. However that would be going against my pledge of last year to get out at least once a week. (While I very well might go out sometime later this week, I enjoy doing Wednesday’s because it breaks up the week). Tonight, I can be found at the Evanston Theater watching Minority Report. Come and join me for coffee after the movie. We will chat.

This morning I also got a ride from Kellie, my train friend. She called me up, just as I was foregoing breakfast for making the stupid train, and …bam! Ride to work. How awesome is that? I got here on time (which always makes me look good). She works in Evanston as well, and is fortunate enough to have a boyfriend that is willing to drive her to work. How sweet is that?

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