I have been working on this post all day, but was busy at work, saved it to my email, and thought I would finish it this afternoon. Except I am busy all afternoon. So instead of just not posting anything at all, I thought I would at least post this, and add on tomorrow I guess.

Classic updating style. What I did this weekend:

Friday after work the DH and I met up with Oliver and his friend
Mark/Paul/John? at the High Noon Saloon for Happy Hour drinks. I had
a few too many drinks, which made for a little tired on Saturday but
functional. It was cool that there was a Scrub-a-thon on Comedy
Central … so I watched about six episodes before getting dressed to
go out of town (ha ha, really just the West side of Madison which
FEELS like going out of town for us). I felt like wearing my Destroy
shoes, which meant I should probably wear an outfit worthy of them. I
had been looking forward to going to H&M, which has been described at
the Ikea of Clothes. I even started to have dreams about this place
where I would dream 3-5 floors of dimly lit, department like store
with elevators, and fancy hotel furniture. Well, I had to check out
the place before I started to dream that it was the answer to all my

We headed out and it started to rain. Good thing I have an umbrella in
the car. Our first stop was Borders on the West side. I don’t know
what it is about that Borders (aside from having more books), it also
has way more people and feels much more crowded than the East side
location. Tim got two trashy battletech books and I picked up a
Company novel: Mendoza in Hollywood with our 30% off coupons.
Afterwards we headed over to this awesome Indian restaurant called
Dar…something. I was great! We got the end of the buffet, but it was
all good, including the mango ice cream.

Then we went to the Mall. The parking lot was full to the brim, and
we had to park far away in the back lot. When we walked inside I
immediately felt like I was London. A little. I mean, the mall was so
packed and busy — and that was a typical London day in their shopping
districts. We walked around for awhile before finding H&M (not
clearly marked on any signs in the mall) and Tim left me for Walden
Books to pick up another book.

SO…the store. It had lots of black, brown, red and white clothes…I
was a little disturbed to see that the store had my outfit. My
cargo/linen type skirt I got at JCPenny’s for 6 bucks was
there…slightly different and 25$. My velveteen, dark purple coat
(that I spent the morning repairing, it’s 11+ years old) was there for
45$ (slightly different), my birthday shirt from Hilary (target) was
there — actually there was like 5 slightly different versions of that
shirt….for all 25 or 2-$. I was dismayed! I can find those things
on the East side, without the crowds, for a cheaper price! Tim late
said “but wasn’t it exciting to see it all in one place?” I didn’t
know how to answer then, but now I do. The answer is “no, not really.”

However, H&M did have an awesomely priced selection of accessories. I
got myself the new black, medium bag I have been hankering for three
months. I had convinced myself I was going to make it and save myself
loads of money. I needed a bag that had separate pockets and areas for
things like my brand, spanking new, picture taking cell phone, my
keys, wallet…etc all without having to go fishing for it for like 10
minutes. The other bag I have is too small and only fit those items
but not a book, or a shirt, or lunch. Anyway, new awesome bag = 17$.
It’s so cool. I also got some fingerless gloves for 3 bucks…I tried
to make my own..and well that didn’t turn out so good. Oh, and I did
buy a shirt. This shirt was great..a. little expensive at 20 bucks,
but it was fitted and made me look amazing! I wish I could take it
apart already and try to make more shirts like it based on the
pattern. I don’t have many shirts that make me feel sexy and awesome
looking, but this shirt is one of them. :)

After that, we went home and Laima picked me up. We headed downtown
to the Memorial Union to attend the International Studies world music
reception. They are nice appetizers, and a cash bar which I didn’t
partake in, but they did have free, hot apple cider. I only drank one
cup and was quite proud of myself for that. Normally I want to drink
gallons of it and then pay for it later on in the bathroom. They also
had chocolate covered strawberries, of which I ended up eating like 6.
God they were good. Later on, after we left the performance of the
Whirling Dervishes because we were both getting angry/annoyed with
the religious pomposity of men — we passed the cart that was taking
away the leftover food. Laima said to them “Are there any
strawberries left?” and the busboy said with disgust “Only ones
covered in chocolate.”

HA! We scooped up a few more (totalling six for me) to accompany us
down the hallway. What an awesome dinner.

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