See how I never even got to finish talking about my weekend? Yeah….crazy huh. I was also going to be clever and tell you about my Inferno night out. Then on Sunday the DH and I went across to the street to attend the annual Packer Block Party that our neighbors throw. We made a fruit pizza…and let me tell you when we walked in everyone turned their heads. I felt almost famous for a moment there….it was darn good fruit pizza.

But since the moment is gone, I’ll tell you that I went to the American Indian community reception the UW had last night. It was at Memorial Union, I saw quite a few of the old gang that I knew, and met a new guy that had a total grudge against all the student politics that happened back in the day. We threw names around like cats with live mice, and over all I had a nice chat and a free dinner.

I am now alcohol free for the next ten days. Absolutely NO alcohol unless I want horrible side effects with the medicine that I am taking. Oh …the DH wants the puter now. So I guess that is all you get. Don’t blame me, blame the hater.

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