Last night Tim wanted a recipe that used the three little eggplants we had. So I told him to find one and he did…it was called Moussaka. I made it while trying to entertain Dane whom I picked up from his school. The biggest trouble was that he wanted to play video games. I don’t have any kid friendly video games for a five year old who doesn’t have much experience with video games. I need Mario Kart or something, especially since he loves cars so much.

Anyway the moussaka had a cup of butter in it! And lots of cheese and I just started to feel like “Gosh, we are gonna eat this all?!” No way. I called Laima and asked her if she wanted to come over for dinner. She called back to say yes. Awesome. I cleaned off the table and we had: Moussaka, bread, salad, steamed green beans and watermelon. We chatted a bit, Laima left with lunch for today (yes, more moussaka and salad) and then we walked the dogs.

I also finished the first Artemis Fowl book this morning. It was okay. I will read the others.

I have also decided to rededicate myself to using my little book more often. I mean, I have dozens of little books around the house with lists of things I should do, half written thoughts, notes, etc….I should just go back to the orginal purpose of a little book and keep it all there. Although it is fun to have a variety of little books … the truth is they don’t get used all that much when I do that. I have been on a mission to go through and use as much of that stuff as I already have without buying more.

Why? Because we need a new refridgerator.

I also think we are going to have our roof replaced because everyone in the neighborhood (well on our block) got theirs replaced or are in the process of doing so. Apparently our roofs were damanged in that hail storm on April 13th. The best part? Insurance pays for it! I always thought insurance was only for really bad scenarios like your house burning down or something stealing all your stuff. I didn’t realize it covered stuff like this.

I have kind of gotten to a place in my life where I just figured that you have to pay insurance for everything: car, house, life, medical, etc….you just pay it, no you probably won’t use it. It’s like taxes, it’s there and you gotta do it.

I have another driving lesson tomorrow, although not with the same guy. I am kinda bummed about that because I don’t like getting used to a new person … but maybe he will be good too. I’ll let you know. I need to go over things like parking, beltline, interstate, reverse driving, etc.

Oh, and I am a horribly crabby mood this morning. It was probably there to begin with and made worse by my sensitivity to whether or not DH is becoming a Road Warrior (on his bike). Then I am going to have to work closely with a coworker who is difficult to work with later this morning. What makes it hard is she realizes that there is tension and tries to fix it by talking about personal stuff. Gah, that is NOT the way to deal with me. The more professional you become the easier I am to deal with, believe it or not. If only she would get that from my refusal to discuss anything personal…unless asked a direct, pointed question. Then I answer…but she never likes the answers.

Anyway. I hope you have a better day.

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