My coworker is incredibly chatty today. I don’t mind. It is Friday after all…

This weekend, starting tonight. We are going camping, and for a second time in the history of our camping it isn’t forecasted to rain! Holy cow! Also, it’s the first time we have ever camped in October. I plan on bringing extra blankets since there have been frost advisories every day for the last week. Cold!

Tim got my favorite two drinks: Spotted Cow and New Glarus: Belgium Red. We are also providing cider, and I was thinking of soup and foil packets for dinner. Believe it or not I might be sick of brats…but wait, I have two sausages left that I could bring.

We got rid of Schoonkpea on Wednesday. Thank god. We drove to Milwaukee to set him up with a family that is line for a cat friendly dog. The idea is that they dog sit him for us over the weekend and if they like him, they keep him! I hope to god they keep him. When he pooped in the kennell on Wednesday I was ready to toss him out the door and keep him there. I am not in a stage of my life right now where I think “little accidents” are cute (poop in kennel and peeing on my couch — oh the disrespect!), and don’t think counter surfing antics are adorable. If a cat isn’t technically allowed on the counter, a dog sure the hell isn’t either.

No, the dog doesn’t jump on the counter. Greyhounds are big enough to help themself to anything they want if they get on their hind legs, like Schoonk did when I caught him eating pizza.

I have floor burns on my elbows from Monkey bar yesterday. We did these awful things called Swimmers, Army crawl, shrimps, inchworm, frog hops, crawl forward, crawl backward, broad jumps and …. travelling sit outs. My elbows are extra hurty today. I forgot to bring my hippy healing salve with me to work today too…

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