What a cold morning huh? Yesterday the DH and I stayed home and cleaned the house, made squash and houlski for dinner, sandwich and soup for lunch, and candy for dessert/snack. I got a lot done around the house, and was really nice to putter.

I even took time to be creative and worked on making some stationary, updated my address book, and thought about working some more on Pluto’s costume but really did more stationary while watching a movie: In Her Shoes …. I haven’t finished watching it, but I liked most of what I saw. When did I become such a lover of dramas? Man. Then I went over to help Hilary clean her brand new, slighty used house — but new to her, house! The layout is great, and the wallspace is wonderful for all the artwork that I know she’ll put up. Plus the basement is going to be a perfect studio for cranking out MORE artwork and she’ll be able to leave all her supplies out and not have to worry about moving things now that she has all that space. Yes, she has been reserved on being excited about the new house so I am taking it upon myself to be excited for her.

WOO! COngratulations Hilary. I can’t wait to get my license so I can go over to visit you more often. I need someone to spend time with me learning manual though. Laima is a great teacher…you got some more hours?

I got my first ever compliment on my nails today. I mean, sure I have gotten compliments on the nail color but never the actual nails…it went like this:

“Nice nails,” said a professional, well put together woman.
“Uh,” I pause and look at them, thinking she must mean the color.
“Are they fake?” she asks.
“It’s taupe,” I answer belatedly to a question she didn’t ask. Then I realize she just thought my nails were fake!! “No, they are mine.”
“They are nice,” she says “I wish I could get mine to look like that.”
“Oh,” I respond “When I want them to get long I put nail polish on them.”

HA! That’s never happened before.

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