Tim is gone today. He was gone last night too. And he will be gone tonight, and tomorrow morning and tomorrow night and Friday morning. But…..Friday night he will come back. 8) I realized when I got home last night, that my stoopid darling forgot his glasses. Sitting on the edge of the sink. That morning he said “I just feel like I forgot something.”

“Did you remember your glasses and contact jizz?” I asked.

“Darling! Don’t say that in the in the stairwell!”

“Say what? Jizz?”

Heh. Anyway. I went swimming for the first time this summer in Lake Michigan with Kate. It was cool, refreshing and all that. I also went out and bought American Gods because Sigrid said it was good read and funny to see all the Wisconsin references. So I read last night. It *is* good. And he lives in Menomonie! (I know I say that quite a bit, but really, Menomonie has nothing else to claim fame for, well….other than that crazy mailbomb kid, but they associated him with Stout…the college within Menomonie).

Tonight, for my movie night, I am going to see Lilo and Stitch. Will meet with Mischa and Anne beforehand for dinner…at ummm someplace in Evanston. By the comic books store…olive something. Tomorrow night I am going to see Ghoultown. Then I am going to see them AGAIN in Madison at the Inferno. Friday night is Odyssey Five, and Saturday is Regin of Fire. I love even *thinking* about that movie because Johnny Cash starts signg “I fell into a burning ring of fire…..” 8)

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