I don’t feel like I have much to say other than I am not hungry. I was really hungry earlier, then I had a bowl of coco puffs and now…after TKD and while has passed…nothing. I said tonight was going to be “breakfast for dinner.” But instead I am tired and want to just go to bed. Last night I went to bed at 9:00 because I had a headache. It’s just that time of the month and if you are female then you know how much that just sucks.

Yeah, you heard me, it sucks. It’s not magical, wonderful, empowering or any of that crap. If you try to convince me otherwise you are deluded yourself.

Today I paid bills, wrote some letters/cards, made two phone calls, went to TKD, and watched a movie kindof, shopped for and ordered beads, tried on my new blond wig, showered and took a nap. I wish I had the gump to do a whole lot more like clean an organize the guest room, work on beaded Christmas trees for the craft work, creatively write for the 28th writing assignment, respond to oodles of emails that no one sent me, watch a movie, sew some fabulous clothes, make a gourmet dinner and have the appetite to eat it, repaint my nails, do my hair in a fabulous style, meet with someone famous and talk about housework, finish playing Kingdom Hearts, and play a game of scrabble AND cribbage.

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