It has been raining all day today. The leaves really came down with this rain — this is the fall kind of weather people love. Right? Well, I did manage to leave the house today to pick up our vegetables and to do a little shopping at Ben Franklin to get Beaded Xmas trees supplies, then I found a store right next to it call Craft Market. It’s this store that rents out spaces inside (like a craft show)! It’s so cool…while I was browsing I was told that they had food in the back in celebration of their one year anniversary (I had no idea). So I went and grabbed Tim who was in the coffee house next door and brought him back to enjoy anniversary cake, hotdogs and a free pumpkin! How cool is that? I also bought a bar of soap and took information on how Laima/Hilary and I can open our own Tceku booth — in case they are interested….

Tim is working now and has been for the last hour. I made a pot of tea, and have been putzing around cleaning up. I am about to start cooking — because it feels like the kind of day that should have a house full of warm cooking smells and incense. I am going to make some cranberry corn biscuits and a “root vegetable casserole.” I was going to make Carla’s cranberry scones — but the DH deemed my oranges to far south and sentenced them to the mulch pit. I think later on, when the stuff if cooking, I will vacuum and then start working on my craft project again.

I did get that USB cable — and have yet to try it out. I was thinking of trying to upload photos tomorrow when Tim is at work again (these times are rare). Yeah I think I’ll do that.

As for today — I had emailed a few people who are in town to see if they wanted to sit around and craft/watch TV movies today but everyone is busy with weddings. That is my fate next weekend….and I am glad, because today is a much better day to sit inside and be cozy. If was wasn’t limited to in town folks, off the top of my head people I would want to craft with are: Jessie, Sarah, Lori, Zoey, Carla, Eric, Kate, Myrna, Hilary, Laima, (pre-fueding Kersten) and Jen. What a great group that would be!!

Other than today — I have been busy. Last night we met Oliver for a drink/dinner and ended up going to about 5 different resturants before we settled on State St. Grill at the top of State. It was okay…the food was … there and so was the beer — but more importantly it wasn’t packed and we got service right away. Then I went home and watched Battlestar Gallactica. My stupid VCR was suppposed to tape it — but for the second time in a row now it doesn’t seem to be working right. Last night it only taped 10 minutes! If I didn’t have a strange feeling about things…I would have double checked and I would missed Battlestar — WHICH by the way I thought started at 8:00….and last night it was on at 9:00 — did they change their format again? What the heck is going on?

Oh but was that episode ever good …. I think it was without a doubt — hands down, the best effing episode of Battlestar EVER! Just thinking about it is making me a little awed. I wish I could be a part of such creative energy — I really envy those that are fortunate enough to be writers/producers and … to just get something like that into existence. I felt the same way about Lord of the Rings trilogy, and sometimes about the brillance of George RR Martin’s Game of Thrones series.

Hm, i think Tim is back…is that possible? He was supposed to be gone longer. He just got a game called Battlefield 2142 and has been hogging the computer since then. Staying up late like he was a teenager. Sheesh.

Our current movies are: The Hills Have Eyes, Breakfast on Pluto and Deadwood. Of course I love TV movies — and since it’s Saturday I am sure there HAS to be something on that I haven’t seen. I know that Scooby Doo 2 is on ABCfamily tonight…heh. If someone doesn’t watch these crappy movies then who will? I can’t believe I have somehow turned into such a film buff. I remember once I had a roommate – Bert — who I thought at the time watched WAY too much TV. His goal was to watch all the movies at 4 Star Video heaven…and I swear, he probably got pretty close to do accomplishing that goal before he moved back. I thought he was crazy then….now look.

Nope no Tim…it must be the drug neighbors making some sales and keeping bread on the table. Well, I suppose I should stop rapping at ya, and go make some food. I am not hungry, but like I said earlier…the thought of warm cooking smells in the house smell …. irrestible.

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