Kind of bored today — I am at work so I can’t really work on photo updating or anything like that. I can complain that I am bored though and would like more interaction or entertaining things to do. I guess that is the nature of work though? I guess?

I’ve been trying to make more time for making beaded christmas trees. Giving up things like computer time during the day. It isn’t turning out that well — but really I suppose doing things like:


–checking out the infamous Trader Joe’s with Hilary, and then going back to her new place to eat toasted bread and goat’s cheese, coffee, chocolate croissants, blood orange italian soda, and pumpkin butter and to look at the kid’s Halloween costumes

–having Mark and his future father-in-law over for company on Tuesday (I made squash soup, and whipped carrots to go with the trader joe’s bread with chocolate chip cookies for dessert.

–I got 24 trick or treaters this year (a blockbuster year!), and a dog. The top costumes this year was: Darth Vader, Superman, Red Power Ranger (why does everyone like the red one?)


–Going to work, I got lucky catching my bus home after dallying too long at tropic jewel digging through this bin-O-beads finding “ornaments” for my xmas trees.

–monkey bar
–picking up vegetables
–going to bed early (tired man!)


–shower and dress
–going to JoAnn’s Fabrics with Hilary to look for supplies. I found a hugely discounted cup I liked, some more clay pots for trees and an adorable serving tray that later in the afternoon got transformed into a tea service for Tim to take to work. Complete with a little red tea pot, cup, leaf tidy/saucer, little box of assorted teas.
–lunch at Cool Beans
–dinner at State Bar and Grill (the special was meatloaf, mashed tater’s and veggies with a dinner roll, I also had an Island wheat.
–coffee at Michelangelo’s (to go)
–3 hour MATC class talking about Home Improvement (I know how to hang a door, replace a wooden slate in the floor, how to replace a window/screen or storm.
–Finished reading Charlotte Sometimes


–someone on my floor is cooking pancakes!! How wacky is that?! (edit…man those were good)
–monkey bar
–maybe sneak out a little early….so I can get home to work on more trees…

But this weekend I have no large plans other than:

–St. Bernards Holiday Bazaar! (morning)
–Birthday drinks with Chuck at the Essen Haus

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