This whole weekend – starting Friday I was looking for excuses to not cook. To order in, and have someone else make the food for me – however that didn’t happen. In the end, I kept thinking “Well, I just gotta do ____ and then that’s some food, and we’ll save money.” That said, Friday we had carrots, cabbage, sweet potato and potato stir fry over rice with Trader Joe Ginger and Scallion stir fry sauce. I didn’t like it. Tim did. We watched Battlestar, drank some beers and visited with brother in law Phil who came over to get a black shirt (he was bartending the next day).

Saturday we got up and had bagels with cream cheese and pumpkin butter, with coffee. Tim gussied up Pluto and headed over to the Meet and Greet at East side Petsmart. I lounged around some more and diligently worked on xmas trees. Then I showered, got dressed and called Amy to see if she wanted to go to the St. Bernard’s Christmas Bazaar with me. She was out shopping and I called and left a message at her boyfriend’s insistence – but she didn’t call back in time. So I saddled my bike and rode over. It was a warm day and a nice ride. I get there, and signed up for a few silent auction baskets (I probably didn’t win any) – and shopped. I mostly went there for their White Elephant sale, and also for lunch. I had a roasted turkey sandwich (like in a roaster? … you know …I don’t know like pulled turkey!), a piece of coconut crème pie and a diet coke. I sat with two other catholic ladies (much older) and we talked about not needing friends to do something we wanted to do – that we (all three of us) just pack ourselves up and go, about the dangers of dating outside the church, and how delicious the pie was. It was rather nice meeting kindred spirits. I wonder if I will be one of those old ladies — I would have to join a church to do that. After that, I went home and worked on trees some more, watching some TV, made a dinner of chicken with Trader Joe Chutney, with fries and a baked sweet potato, until it was time to get ready for the Halloween party that Kerri invited me, and then hit Chuck’s birthday drinks afterward at the Essen Haus.

The Halloween party was the best Halloween party (strangest and most energetic for sure) that I have been too in this Millennium. I had no idea that 13 year olds could talk so much! And the house, man was it decorated! It’s like they bought out Halloween Express and …well, let’s just say it was very cool. We stayed for about 40 min (although it felt like 10) and headed over to the Essen Haus for drinks. I wanted to make sure we caught them at dinner so I could visit with Dave and Sarah a bit. I returned the movie Clarissa I had borrowed from her – OH, I know what I watched all Saturday – it was the Sarah, Plain and Tall trilogy on the Hallmark channel with Glen Close and Christopher Walkin. We left at 11 and headed home. I went to bed early (as did Tim).

Sunday Tim got up early to get dressed and head out to Rockford to meet up with some old high school friends at RockCon. I slept on until 9 and then got up to make some crescent rolls (last easy thing to make). I ate those, had some tea and watched Sabrina the Teenage Witch and Grounded for Life while beading. Then I started to get a headache so I took some medicine and tried to nap. Tim came back at around 2:00 and I felt like I was hit by a truck. He went outside right away to rake leaves, and I tried to stay awake and not feel crappy. The headache had lessened and I decided the best thing to do would be the dishes. You can just stand there and be sleepy and slowly wake up while washing the dishes. I decided I would do housework as long as Tim was doing lawn work. I did the dishes, scrubbed the sink, cleaned the cat boxes, washed counters and the stove, cleaned the refrigerator, sweep the floor, beat the rugs, mopped the floor, and took out the trash. By the end of that I felt horrible. My headache was back in full force and didn’t leave for the rest of the night. We made Macaroni with ground turkey and onions – watched the Family Guy, American Dad, Simpson’s and some other show after that and forsook a much needed grocery shopping trip so I could go lie still at 9:00.

This morning my headache had receded mostly – and so far hasn’t returned except my eyes feel funny and looking at stuff is making me nauseous.

Anyway, we really need to shop tonight.

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