Well, I suppose I should update those photos….and I should also update Tceku because it’s been forever. It’s like a bad relationship — I’ve ignored it so long that I feel awkward about making the first move, I don’t know where to start or what to say. So for now, I am going to put it off for a little while longer.

I should take a shower..if anything just to get me moving for the day. Can you believe it’s Thursday already? Man this week is screaming by!

I am sitting on the couch, and the TV is on and my crafts are next to me, and I have a large cup of green/constant comment tea with me. I am using Tim’s new laptop! Yeah, for his birthday this year I said he could finally have a lap top. He was so excited and has been researching it for a month or two now. I told him he couldn’t buy it until November had started. Well, he found it at Circuit City on Tuesday and we wanted to make sure that we would still be able to get it (after it took so long for him to find it). So…today is my first day using it in the living room. Amazing! Just think I can see up to the minute updates while COOKING, or watching TV, or just sitting in the living room and enjoying the sunlight with the cats and dog. It’s really kind of cool. Although I have noticed that not too much crafting is getting done right now – though lots of chatting with the Hildog and surfing the intarweb is getting accomplished.

Last night I went over to Hilary’s to see her new furniture and to craft, and to have her husband, Jason – show me his virtual dog on his Nintendo handheld. Hilary’s friend Stephanie was there and later I sampled her first pie ever – it was exceptionally good for a first crack at a pie. I believe she even made the crust herself. Of course, I am a crust snob – having learned the perfect recipe for making pie crusts a few years ago. But the important thing about going over to Hilary’s is that I DROVE! And I stalled only a few times, but it was enough to send my darling into a rage. I guess I really do need to take up Laima on her offer to drive around my neighborhood with me. She doesn’t yell like he does — or if she does she does it on the inside. I am free this weekend Laima…what is your schedule?

Tonight is my last MATC home improvement class! Hurray! It’s been terribly boring and dull. Gah, it’s an old man talking about stuff. I mean, really no different that my friends Dad’s kind of mumbling on about the inner workings of a gasket or something. I have to try very hard to make it interesting. But since most of you know, I have a thing about getting what I paid for – I have gone to all except one class, which is really good considering how many other people quit altogether. The few folks who are still there, I think are taking it for continuing education credits for their home inspection businesses. I wish I could say the same.

The month off from TKD is going so fast! It’s a little sad how fast it’s going…but the monkey bar is going quite well. I haven’t convinced Tim that he is ready for a FIT class, and that it might be fun for him. Maybe next week. I said he HAD to go at least once class. I am officially down and have kept down 15 lbs since September. I would love to be able to drop another 10 by my birthday, but you know that’s going to be challenge since the holidays are looming around us like fruit flies on a banana.

[Weird, on Malcom in the Middle -- the blond with the frizzy hair girl nerd, is the beautiful "Save the Cheerleader, Save the World," cheerleader on Heroes. ] It’s kind of weird how I am starting to recognize so many actors from commercials to movies, to TV …. I guess you could say I watch too much TV, but I would say I actually watch LESS TV that most americans.

Yeah, so next Tuesday is Tim’s Birthday and we plan on going out to dinner at a fancy seafood place. He is thinking the Mairiner’s (sp!) Inn or Nautigal. I am looking forward to a fancy dinner…must make sure to not eat during the day…. I bought a cake to make, so he could have a piece …okay, so I could have a piece. But I don’t want to have the rest of the cake around the house. I need to go to a craft night next Wednesday…that will solve the problem of the extra cake.

Dummdeedo. What else? I saw Just Like Heaven the other day with Reese Witherspoon – and it was eh. I predicted almost everything about it. The only cool thing was the encounters with her a ghost in the beginning was very realistic. Other than that…eh. I have Brokeback Mountain and Dear Frankie left to see. Lots of good Laura movies….little dramas that are the perfect accompaniement to crafting..oh speaking of which, I guess if there are batteries in my camera I can take some photos of the trees in progress. See? There is a good intention.

I wonder if I owe any letters…I am sure I do. I know I haven’t written on penpal since spring….it’s sad really. I should look at my records and see what the score is. I also have to pay the bills today, but I’m not too into it. I can also pay them tomorrow. Or Monday? Or tomorrow for Saturday mail.

Okay, I should take that damned shower.

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