Lately, I have been thinking about lobsters. I had lobster once, and really wasn’t that impressed (but that isn’t the point). I learned recently that lobsters can live as long as a human being, and that they are boiled alive — a process that takes up to 2 minutes. I have decided that it is … cruel to treat a fellow earth being that lives as long as us humans. What if they are intelligent creatures? For that matter, I have decided to never eat dolphin, whale, elephant or turtle.

Tonight I am making rabbit. I found a pound of it for 2.50 at Woodmans — a product of China, over by the beef liver. I have had rabbit only once in my life, when I was visiting my exboyfriend in the Czech Republic. His mother made the rabbit and I remember thinking “greezy.” Well, Tim mentioned he never had rabbit, and I realized I have never attempted to try making it. Seeing as we like to consider ourselves ready for an apocalypse at any time, we thought it best to try it out. Now if I can only find squirrel in the meat market, we would REALLY be in business.

I watched most of Dawn of the Dead remake on Scifi this last Saturday and then once again for two days couldn’t stop thinking about it. Zombies and what I would do, how long I would live, what it would look like, what I would think…etc. Today, Tim called to tell me that he was going to go home early because he was sick: low grade headache, sweating, body aches — and then I started to think “Hey this could be the start of the pandemic!”

Then I was disappointed because I always thought we would be affected later than everyone else when it arrives (and be more prepared). It occurred to me then, that when the pandemic starts, that there has to be joes like Tim who get it. You know, “ten people reportedly went to the hospital last week with a killer strain of the flu…” and then it spreads, and then the mania really explodes.

It’s interesting, isn’t it? That it’s the American (human?) way to think that these things will never happen to you first, it will happen to someone else. And that is the normal thing to think, because if you reverse it, and start to think/believe that it will happen to you first … well then you are just a paranoid lunatic. It just ain’t right to think like that and quick! Everyone get their medical masks and tinfoil hats out!

Anyway, so Tim is sick and I hope I don’t get it. After a grumpy day at work, I came home and rested my eyes on the couch. I was warmed both with fleece throws that we got from Tim’s Mom for Xmas two years ago, and from a fuzzy feeling that I got directly from Hilary. You see, I am overcome with ennui this week and mentioned to her that we were thinking about moving to a more adult friendly city. A city with better restaurants, that caters to sophisticated, world traveling couples without kids. Of course, what I didn’t get to tell her was that I got a phone call from sister in law Bekah yesterday (calling to wish Tim a happy birthday). Since Tim wasn’t home at 3.30, I got to talk for about an hour and hear about how wonderful France was, and how great the European lifestyle was, and blah blah blah blah. Anyone who listens to an idealized one sided conversation for an hour is going to start looking around and thinking “Ugh…I live here?! This place is so BORING, so COMMON, so….ORDINARY….so *yawn*.” Then that night we went out for Sushi…and it was okay. It was no Chicago sushi — which started us reminiscing about all the wonderful restaurants, never being bored, always having something fun to do, the culture, the vivacity…. anyway. I think you see where I am going.

So I get home, and there is the most adorable little basket of flowers with a very thoughtful card — from none other than Hilary, basically saying she appreciates my ordinary existence here in Madison. see I COULD go all over the world or to a very different city, but then there would be no Hilary.

So I guess for now, we’ll just have to stay here.

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