The rabbit turned out fine…good even, although the sauce was a tad bit bland. We both only ate a small plate of it, because we didn’t have much of an appetite. I’ll have it again today…, or Tim will. He’s in the bedroom sleeping, taking a half day because he’s still sick. I think he should stay home and just take it easy, but he won’t believe me.

I have a dentist appointment this morning at 10:00. I made the stupid thing a year ago, and they kamakazied me into going into this one “yeah we have your insurance!” the lady says with enthusiasm. I know, it’s just a cleaning — but I HATE getting lectured about flossing. I am not amazing like Zoey who is never dirty, and has perfectly taken care of teeth. I just can’t work up enough interest. In fact, it takes momumental energy to just put my mouth guard in every night to protect my teeth from grinding themselves into teeth dust.

Last night I went over to Hilary’s with Stephanie and we crafted. I got two trees and most of a third done! Hot dog! And Stephanie made me a dish cloth (okay she made it, and I claimed it) — and I am looking forward to trying it out in the sink today. It’s a battlefield there…. But it was a VERY productive craft night. I need more of those. All right, I should shower. Maybe I’ll use that bath stuff that Jess sent me a while back — but I still have that Jasmine stuff I got from Jen to finish. I have to finish one bath product before I can move on to the next.

Hey, does anyone wanna do a stationary trade with me? You know you collect up your old stationary and we’ll exchange it. New for us! Let me know.

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