These are dark days — literally. I find that when it gets dark — I want to sleep. I remember one year in High School from 16-17, from December through January I woke up, went to school, came home, ate, and then went to bed ….Repeat. There were a few instances, of course where I stayed up later, but 5 out of 7 days that is what I did. I was out by no later than 7 every night. Of course, I can’t do that these days. I have to stay awake and do productive things otherwise I am “lame.”

Yesterday was pretty awesome. We played video games (Marvel: Ultimate Alliance), we went to Border to get myself a new journal (I write TONS in the winter when I am waiting….for buses, usually. Also in coffee shops, sometimes before bed. I write most in the winter,) and to get Tim a new book and cash in his Free Dessert coupon that he got for his birthday. We had such a nice day yesterday walking dogs at the Kennel, enjoying the drive and each other’s company.

Today, was pretty mellow. We slept in, watched TV…okay I watched mostly movies. I watched all three of our Netflix movies today while crafting. I had stress dreams about the craft show last night, so I figured I should spend some quality time doing something today. I watched Brokeback Mountain (ok), Pop. 436 (eh, it was scifi movie quality), and Flightplane (which was a TBS movie quality). Ha, I’m gonna start rating movies based on what cable channel they should be on. Heh. I got a lot done tree wise, and even took time to take a shower and make dinner. Which is where everything went wrong.

We tried to make a roasted chicken. Except…when it was done the chicken wasn’t right. It was … tough, chewy, and rubbery. I don’t get it. I just don’t get it. Why on earth can’t we roast a effin’ chicken?! We have tried twice before – both met with failure…although this failure blew them all away. It should be that freaking hard, and yet it is. Then the stuffing I made wasn’t that hot (although it was the best thing on the plate), and I steamed some yellow carrots. Sigh. We were both so disappointed. It’s sitting in the fridge mostly uneaten because I feel like it’s a terrible waste to throw it away. What would happen if I boiled it in water? Would that save it? Could I make something else out of it?

Yeah so, sometimes rotten dinners can ruin your day, especially when that dinner was supposed to be tomorrow’s lunch. We don’t have anything else that is easy to make either…no bread, eggs, yogurt…etc. This is what happens when I get too busy with my life, we buy too much crap food and we don’t cook enough. It sucks.

My reading list feels so long right now. I have to finish Mendoza in Hollywood, and then I have three books to read: Infoquake, Starship Troopers and Me Talk Pretty One Day. When am I going to have time to read them? On the bus? I can’t do that. You know very well that I get motion sick. I only write when the bus is stopped, or letting a passenger off, or I am waiting for it to arrive. I guess I could do the same with a book, but I need more time to devote to it and really get into it. Plus, I can pause my writing when the bus is moving (because the handwriting gets horrible), I can’t always pause reading — and then I get myself a ticket to motion sickness for at least three hours. That blows. I could read before bedtime, but when I go to bed right now, I just want to sleep!

I am kind of behind on letters too. I should get on that. In fact, all of this this that I posted could very well be in a letter right now. Maybe it should be. I am thinking of looking through my stationary with the long weekend and then swapping. So far only Hilary is interested? Geez, I guess I could also send some along to my Mom (although there is no swapping in that deal).

I could go to bed now, it’s almost 10.30. I have a bit of headache brought on by a little red wine. I should drink a load of water so that I can get up three times tonight to use the John. Hurray! Maybe I should just go to bed. In fact, I think Pluto already put himself to bed (I still think it’s kind of funny that he does that). I am glad that we have a long weekend this week. I have to work on Monday and Tuesday to make up for Wednesday (Doctor appointment), and then that’s it. We have Thankgiving day with Candance and Phil (sibling in law who live 5 min away) and then the day after dinner….aka Zeland’s Birthday party in Hilton (2 hours away). We are also dog sitting Jack this weekend (we get him Wednesday — I just remembered that…), and go out to the Inferno on Saturday for Chuck and Mike’s last DJ hurrah.

Oh and the dentist, apparently I have work for two cavities and a crown! I didn’t remember anything about a 500$ crown! Damn. I guess that will just have to wait until next year. Our finances are already budgeted out for the end of this year with Xmas party, Xmas at my Mom’s, and property taxes. Why do they give you tax bill in December/end of November? To remind you not to spend any money? Ha ha.

Okay, now I am really going to bed (especially since it’s past 10:30). And for the record, I woke up in jammies, showered and changed into a different pair of jammies afterward. Now that is what I call a Sunday folks. :)

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