Since dinner was such a disaster last night, we had no lunch for today. I thought about what was closest to me that I could run out and get and came up with Taco Bell. So I called Tim for a taco intervention. He told me to go Chipolte instead and get taco’s because they might be marginally better. I said okay and headed out. Well, the first place I passed was that Potbelly’s Sandwich place — I have never eaten there so I looked in and saw the line was short (6 people). I went in and ordered a Turkey on wheat, and a cookie. It was good — the wait was a little long (maybe about 10 min), but when I left the line was to the door (about 25 people). Damn! I got there in the nick of time. :) The sandwich was good by the way.

So I decided not to throw out the blasted chicken but instead stick cut up pieces into the crock pot with onion, garlic, celeraic root, carrots and chicken brooth and let it simmer all day. Then at the end dump in a can of cream of something and make dumplings. My coworker assured me that she has also had a roasted chicken cooking disasters like that, and that saving the chicken is a wise idea (and that it was possible). So yeah…I guess that’s what…oh wait, I work tomorrow. I guess I’ll make that tonight and dump it in the crock pot tomorrow morning before we go. Wait, you can take the crock out of the pot — would it explode if I put it in the fridge and then popped it back into the pot in the morning? Hm…better not take chances, I have big bowls with lids anyway.

I heard it’s supposed to be warm and sunny this week…is that true? I should investigate. That would be kind of nice. I remember one year for Thankgiving (in college) it snowed the whole way there and back. It blew.

Speaking of driving — my little bro got his Driver’s Permit! My LITTLE brother. Gosh. Maybe I shouldn’t get mine now and just instead boss my little brother around and make him drive me places. Ha ha. No, I am kiddding. Really.


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