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So, I have actually been working on a post … a big part of one starting last week. So before I write some more, let me post that – I thought about backdating it but then that would probably just confuse everyone. So, here it is, I wrote this part on Thursday.

Sorry, I was having a few publishing problems with blogger yesterday and the night before. That isn’t the reason that I have neglected wazika though, the real reason — which is easy to suspect — is that I have been overproductive! (notice I didn’t say busy) I am tired of busy always being used as an excuse for everything, and I hate that I use it as an excuse for everything. So there. [Edit: saying I am not busy or using the "B" word has proven to be very difficult, however I am proud to say that three days into December I have remained strong.]

Today has been eh….yeah … eh. Tim forgot to set the alarm clock so we woke up at 7:00 from the cat alarm. Arkham sitting on Tim’s chest meowing over and over…and then Pluto gets riled up becaue all the cats are…and then he makes a noise and THEN Tim jumps out of bed like it’s an emergency. The cats could cry until the cows come home, but if Pluto makes a cry then it’s serious business. Thankfully Pluto doesn’t know the power he beholds. However, if it weren’t for that fat bastard then we would have been later than usual to work. There have a been a few times he has been our morning rooster. But really, is it worth it to have a cat alarm work only once a year and never get to sleep in? I don’t know… [Edit: Last night I went to bed at 11:00 and this morning I woke up at 10:00 -- now that was a heck of a nice sleep in.]

Last night we watched Silent Hill while I worked on trees (I finished three last night!) and there was one point where I was so scared I had to turn it off. It made my heart race and feel shocked. At Tim’s mockery, I eventually restarted it and watched it again and got through the movie fine (it was … pretty faithful to the video game), and apparently based on a real story about a town that was evacuated because of a coal fire that burns underground that is STILL burning to this day and might go on for another 100 years. Anyway, that movies….*Shudder*.

We also got Papa Murphey’s pizza, cheese bread and cookie combo for 13 bucks. It’s awesome, we love papa murphey’s. So, yeah you have to pick it up, but it isn’t that far from where we live so it’s was no biggie and we have lots of cheap, delicious food that I didn’t have to make.

I have been thinking about December and the holiday and how/what I am going to do. First I decided to not take TKD this month either, and in addition to not doing any other fitness stuff we are aleady saving moola, secondly I am only going to pay the min on the student loan (usually I pay double or triple the amount), third – I am making up missed days at work so my paychecks aren’t any lower — in fact this month’s checking account will reflect an extra 300 dollars, fourth -

That is where I ended. So in classic letter style, let me pick up from there, today on Sunday December 3rd.

Yesterday was my craft show at the Warner Park Recreation Center: Holiday Fest. I worked all week finishing up and decorating 35 little beaded trees. Let me tell you that my left index finger isn’t going to feel the same for quite a while. The show (with Laima) went okay. We made our table fee, but overall we are thinking that we need to find a different Craft show. I mean, I like having a craft show to do every year as a focus for hobbing, and I enjoy the time spent with Laima during the day. It’s just a fun thing to do, and it’s like playing the lottery – “What if I sell out?!” Ha ha….now that is fantasy thinking. So yeah, we are on the lookout for a different craft fair…maybe one that is even more artsy, for next year. If you know of any don’t hesitate to let us know. The only sad thing is I forgot to take pictures. :( So I guess I am going to have to take some maybe later this week or next.

After the craft show I came home and tried to take a nap, but couldn’t sleep. Even though I had only 4 hours of sleep the night before. The adrenaline I suppose had an effect on it. So I got up and cleaned up the kitchen a bit, made a necklace, made some lasagna for dinner, and put together a paper chain from leftover paper cuttings I got from work while watching the Hallmark movie — The Christmas Card. I don’t know if you know this, but one of the reason’s I like December is because there are so many heartwarming movies out. Yes, many of them are Christmas themed…but I eat it up.

Next Saturday is our Holiday Party, and of course since I tried this “Regrets Only” thing I have no idea who is going to come, or even if they want to. I mean, it doesn’t really change from having an RSVP because most people don’t respond to that either. So .. as Laima likes to say it’s “Have a dozen of each, six of the other.” or as my coworker says “A horse a piece.” I guess. I just have to remember that I know my friends will show up, and for those friends I want to make the party as special as I can. That will be enough. [Edit, you just witness one of my patented pep talks to myself.]

Anyway. Parties, like selling my stuff are both difficult for me. So why do I bother? Because it is difficult. You see, I have to make myself face the challenge. These things can’t shape the way you live your life-otherwise I will be living a life of fear. Right? Right. If anything, I try to live my life but one motto – and that is to live a life without regrets.

That said, this house is a disaster! There are no decorations up, you can barely walk through the guest room, and … well things just need to be cleaned up and spruced. I have one week to do that, and so you see, readers, this is why I have been MIA. Last week and the week before that was the Craft show, and now I have the party. I enjoy it though, it’s only a small part of the year and if letters are aren’t being sent, or clothes aren’t always being washed, and dishes lie in the sink a bit longer than they should, then it is okay [Uh oh, here I go again with the pep talk....].

Today I am going to attack the guest room. It shouldn’t be that bad – taking the bikes out and putting them in the garage will help, as will taking the boxes and Styrofoam to the basement. That’ll clear it up quite a bit! I could also do laundry with the rest of the laundry soap. Thank god that doing laundry isn’t like the old days – I love modern conveniences. Since Tim has to work again today, the shopping that I wanted do will have to wait. I hope that he doesn’t have to say up until all hours of the night and we can get out for a bit later. But until then I am going to do good. Cleaning is a mediative process (or say they say).

Oh and my Thanksgiving weekend was awesome! I didn’t cook, we had two dinners, we went out to the Inferno and had the BEST time ever, and watched several movies and played video games, etc. It was a very good weekend. Now I have the Christmas weekend to look forward too. I think we are going to be spending 3 days in Menomonie so that we have enough time to visit everyone. I have to get the hotel (hopefully price line something cheap and good), and figure out when we can visit: Jessie, Myrna, coffee with Melinda, and I wanted to email Rachel to see if she was going to be in town for a visit too. That would be awesome…I should do that now while I am thinking about it. I wonder if Carrie or Jesmia will be about too.

Alright the end of hte movie I am watching is about over. Afterward I am going to get started. Yeah! Okay, I won’t be so tardy for this week or the next. Maybe I’ll do a …one of those calendars that have a treat…and Advent Calendar, except this will be more like an Advent Blog. A post every day.

Ohhh I li
ke that idea (like I need more challenges… heh)

[Edit: Of course, everytime that I have posted lately, there have been problems where I can't post. So it's your guess as good as mine as to when this post will actually make it. Nutz].

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