We went shopping on Sunday and while I was buying my Mom some underwear, I saw that they had boy brief underwear. Now I remember someone recently said “What? You don’t wear boy brief’s? What’s wrong with you?” So I thought, here is an opportunity to try them out. I do need more underwear anyway and tossed in a three pack.

Last night I finally broke down and took a shower — my hair was greezy, and I was cold, cold, cold. Afterward I broke in the boy briefs:

1. They are low rise — not a huge fan of low rise.
2. I feel like I am wearing short shorts.
3. I feel a little frumpier (but that could just because of my atroicous outfit today–it’s totally a bad outfit day)
4. I think it’ll take a little getting used to. But I did like waking up with them on this morning.

Last night we didn’t get to Woodman’s as planned. Instead we bundled up Pluto and walked him, then I made some curried vegetables (potatos, carrots, onions and a parsnip) followed by Pecan Swirl quick bread, and I finished cleaning up the guest room. I still need to sweep and vacuum, and wash all the previous linen’s/blankets, watched Heroes and did a little paper organizing and played with my new paper cutter.

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