Fairly productive day yesterday: cleaned guest room, washed blankets, mopped basement floor (Tim did that one), walked the dog, went grocery shopping for the party….okay the menu:

Hot Meat Sandwiches Au Jous
Cheese Ball with assorted crackers
Creamy Salsa dip with tortilla chips
Deviled Eggs
Ham roll ups (with pickle)
Sugar Cookies
Christmas Tree Cake (those cakes with the cookie on the side that seems to be all the rage this year)
Spiced Wine
Awesome Jello
Mini Eclairs (splurge purchase)

See? Doesn’t that look like awesome food? Don’t you want to come over and celebrate NOW?! You can! Or you can come:

Saturday, December 9th
7:00 PM

Click for Invitation

If you read this journal, or know me, you are more than welcome to come.

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