Sometimes I feel like I am…on the edge of forgetting my passwords. You know, like when you are crossing a stream on a log – you go nice and slow for the first part for the last part you start to lose it – so you run. That feeling right there when you are running is what I am talking about. I feel like if I pause to long I’ll lose it, and then will have lost it forever.

Man, this dog is fired. Anyone want a stupid greyhound? He scraped his outer knee last week chasing rabbits in the backyard, and since then has made his scratch into a gaping wound by licking. Yesterday I came home to find blood drops on the floor and all over the futon sheets. Damn. We have had the ordeal of trying everything: pet bandages, socks, doggie pants, sling, more protective barrier, bitter apple galore — nothing. Right now, this morning, I decided to just put a skirt on him. Well, it’s actually a slip, but he’s wearing it and it covers up the wound enough that he won’t lick. I just gotta keep an eye on him today. We didn’t want it to come to this — but that skinny bastard is getting an Elizabethan collar. I guess I gotta call the vet today to see if they have any large ones in stock otherwise we schlep out to Petsmart for their collar (that didn’t get that high of ratings with Dr. Google). But I suppose it’s better than nothing. Unless the skirt works…but I don’t think it will for long. Right now Pluto is just upset with us (although not as half as upset as we are with him).

Last night I dug out the tree and bent the branches to make it look more real. I also scrapped off (nigh impossible task — don’t use masking tape on tile!) tape goo from the entrance carpet and cleaned it. I then had to reapply more tape — but I found this white kind of tape. I don’t know where it came from or what it’s original purpose is, but it seems kind of water proof and it’s holding the rug down. I also cleaned the entry way closet, pared down the coats in there, took off the basement door, washed all the linens, dog beds and blanket throws (I almost broke the washer doing that with two blankets that became very heavy when wet). I even found time to make sausage dinner with carrots, a big rutabaga, and onions. That is the first time I have ever eaten a rutabaga — it was kind of bitter.

Today it’s supposed to be really cold. I don’t know if I want to leave the house much. It’s kind of nice o have the whole day to me….and another one tomorrow — with a little focus. The sun is out…I should quit writing and open up the shades to let the light in.

Oh – I’ll address comments here:

Yeah – buying underwear for you Mom is weird, but if it helps it’s not sexy or anything. They are just cotton briefs. But to my family– a pack of smokes and case of diet coke can help you “make do” with just about anything.

Ginger in oatmeal? Uh…I’m having a hard time imagining ginger in anything but stir fry (fresh ground ginger that is…powdered ginger in pastries I can understand because of all the sugar and other spices). I will take this oatmeal suggestion into consideration…

Alrighty then….I should go and take a shower..but I kind of want more coffee. I found some french vanilla soy creamer at woodmans and need more than one cup of coffee to test it out. I spose I could make one more cup, I have a few of those freebie one shot coffee things that I got from Tim’s Dad and Mom who collects them from Hotel rooms and gave us a bunch. Then it would be diner like coffee — my favorite. :)

Also, no one has won the 1st Christmas Card of the year prize yet. And it’s what? December 7th? Geez.

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