I upgraded to the new google blogger. It took them quite a while to move everything over. This is kind of a test post to see. It’s funny…okay not so funny — I really should have posted BEFORE I tried this hijink. I hope I don’t pay for it.

Last night Lowen came over and cut me and Tim’s hair. I have a fabulous new hair cut, and Tim looks dapper than ever. We had goat’s cheese and bread, with salsa and chips for dinner (trying out recipes). I think I made a lot of progress yesterday — mostly because I left the house and came back with only 2 hours to clean the kitchen and take a shower before Lowen showed up. Sometimes a little pressure does make you work faster.

Today I am cooking. I baked cookies, and made the cheese ball, the meat is in the oven doing the 1st part of the cooking process. I am next going to tackle the egg nogg, followed by cookie decorating and … I dunno. I do need to go to the store. I need some salad dressing for the deviled eggs, and more butter.

Announcing, the WINNER of the 1st Christmas card recieved this year, who wins my respect and esteem for being so on top of things in this hectic holiday season is —


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