Wedensday…sweet Wednesday. Gamer day, and Callie said she wanted to hang out tonight. We’ll see how that pans out. If it doesn’t then, I might…eh. I don’t know. I wouldn’t mind seeing a movie, I heard Signs is good (in a scary movie kind of way). I saw Farewell my Concubine on Monday…it was okay.

This weekend is Gencon! The last year it is going to be in Milwaukee. We *have* to go. I am looking forward to the White Wolf party afterward…I always seem to have fun at it. Although last year we didn’t get in because they moved it to a really small venue, and it was croweded. I think we just ended up going to Club Anything. Which is okay…it’s definitely better since they remodeled. Crap. Must go to boring meeting….at least I can work on a letter. Or something.

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