Gosh, I did not need to eat a dinner tonight. Hilary, the girls and I went out to the west side of Madison to Greenway Crossing to do some weird shopping. Basically look in stores we never go into. After that, I was famished — so we ate at this surfing kind of restaurant that looks like they specialize in getting people drunk after work. I had a burger, some fries and …. sweet potato chips. Oh my god, they were like heaven in my mouth. I can’t tell you the last time I ate something different and was amazed at how it tasted. Oh and I had part of a salad too. So. I finished the burger and a few fries and a big handful of those chips…and was full. Ridiculously full….so full that I was still full three hours later.

The dog walk helped, and then we went to Anytime Fitness to start our two week trial. I went on the eliptical for a half an hour, and then moved to a walking machine…er treadmill for another half an hour. What made this easy? Watching TV. I brought ear buds, so I turned it to the scifi channel to see if the Lost Room was showing again. I missed the last part of the series last night baby sitting…so I was quite glad to catch it. :) It’s amazing the motivation of watching TV while working out….I didn’t want to quit because I didn’t want to miss anything. Tim went off by himself to recreate a monkey bar workout. He later accused me of liking the machines — being able to watch TV and zone out. Nutz….he’s right.

Okay, we are gonna play some Marvel now…maybe even finish it up? I’ve been pretty bored lately…perhaps I will expand upon that tomorrow. Right now I wrangled Tim into doing something and that’s pretty big!

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