Oh. How do I start?

I mean. I knew it would happen. Someday. I know logically, it’s something that happens to everyone….eventually. I just didn’t think it would happen to me. Not for another four years at least. Also, I thought it would happen gradually.

On our way back from walking dogs at Lake Geneva — I was looking in the mirror. Actually I found a fork and decided to comb my bangs — (it was clean…sheesh), so there I was combing and suddenly I glimpsed something.

White….wire-like. I gasped and slammed the mirror shut. Tim swerved slightly and said “What?”

“Oh no,” I managed and reopened the mirror, slowly. Carefully I pulled my hair aside and there it was…a white hair. Not grey. WHITE!

“It’s not a grey,” said Tim. “It’s probably just dirty.”

I pulled it out. “This isn’t dirt, darling,” I replied and examined it closer. It was so clear, and crystal it could reflect light to the moon. I am sure of it.

“It’s probably just a fluke,” Tim consoled me, stifling laughter. I desperately rooted around looking for more. There…in the back. I showed it Tim. He saw it right away.

“Purge it!” he yelled. I pulled it out…it wasn’t just white at the end, it was almost all converted to white with a little hold out light brown at the end. I put both of the white hairs into my journal. Feeling a little shaken.

I expected it to grey. To slowly turn gray. Not to have a bunch of WHITE hairs show up. And tell….where is the research on this? Why does the whole thing turn white so fast? How does it get thick and wiry? How does this happen? Why hasn’t there been a documentary on this? A camera fixed on hair to see how it changes so quickly. Where are the clinical studies? How can we stop this?

I came home and after a bath, and bunch of Hallmark movies to console myself, I find – to my horror that there were THREE more. Two more at the temple where I found the first one, and a second in the back – actually Tim found it. It was a little growing white hair. Is that the answer? But why wouldn’t I have noticed this sooner? I mean come on, this is in the front. It’s not hidden. How did it escape my attention this long? It must has magically happened over night. I am sure of it.

And white? Seriously. White? What happened to grey?

I was supposed to go grey with grace. But I gotta tell you, after yanking them out (a solution I can’t possibly continue) I am finding it hard to find the gump to do that. I can’t dye it…I am still very allergic to hair dye. At least I was three years ago…am I ready to retest that theory? Oh man.

What a stupid Christmas present. :(

And Tim’s advice? “You’re getting older Laura.”

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