Today I baked — a lot. I made: russian tea cakes, extra peanutty brittle, gingerbread men, spice cookies dipped in chocolate with pecan bits, more saltine toffee and peanut butter cookies with chocolate middles. I even had the gump to make dinner – which was awesome, but I am too tired to put away. I’ll make Tim do it.

I have this pain in my a muscle or something that could be cracked? that has been plaguing me for weeks. I sometimes I wish I could give myself a massage and get rid of it for good. Exercise seems to aggravate it, as does any kind of .. well…like cooking all day. So I decided go, lay down and enjoy one of my favorite Christmas presents to myself (aside from my very awesome skirt) – World War Z.

The book is awesome. What is not awesome is how I obsessively bite my nails — since I officially quit doing that in 2000 — I bit the skin around it until it bleeds. :( It’s a life long habit I’ve had since I was 5, it’s hard to quit –especially when I am concentrating. Other incidences include: social situations where I am nervous and when I am watching a movie in a theatre (oh man do I suffer then, because I don’t have the light to examine what piece of skin needs to be pulled off and how far is too far).

I also got to open another present yesterday from Tim – Helium Vola (I think — too lazy to get up and check). It’s great! I have already listened to the album three times now.

Man, Christmas is fun when I get things I want — music, book and awesome, super comfortable and cool looking skirt…perfect.

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