My neighbor brought over some cookies! Man, I ate my half already – why do other people’s cookies taste better than mine? Geez, I feel like mine are so BORING. It’s an interesting collection so far…maybe it’s just that *i* made them that make them unappetizing to me.

I got a letter from Sarah today — it rocked! I totally want to write back right away too…but I think I’ll try and make myself wait. At least a little. Besides, if I wrote back right now that would be more of a procrastination thing (not making my mincemeat cookies, nut rolls and fudge — to finish out the cookie plate).

Yeah. My Mom called me at 4 — waking me from my now daily nap. We talked for about 45 minutes, and I was getting more and more irritated as it went on. She would drop her voice so low that I had to say “WHAT?” after every few sentences. I can’t adjust the volume on my phone so I had it pressed against my ear…and….well come on. I am visiting in less than a week….we don’t need a huge phone-a-thon right now. We have to save stuff to talk about on Monday. Sheesh.

We ordered a salad and sandwich from Glass Nickle and are waiting for it to arrive. I think I am going to watch a movie and try to finish wrapping gifts.

Thank god for beer.

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