Today was BUSY!

Hilary, Mina and Leta came over at noon with a coffee and McChicken for a break. It was the perfect inspiration to get off my butt to take a shower and start cleaning the house. After they left, Heather came over for a visit while I made nut rolls and fudge and started putting together plates. I made one for Hilary, Laima, Oliver, Tim’s boss, Pluto’s sitter and Ben and Kelly as well as for one for Heather and Nick (at least for tonight). Of course I felt terrible when I remember JUST as we were leaving Oliver’s that he has a nut allergy and almost everything in there had nuts…everything except the sugar cookie, gingerbread man and saltine toffee. Oh well, I suppose the saltine toffee matters the most.

In addition I also got a box of homemade chocolates in the mail from Jen! (an internet pal). COOOooooll….they look so delicious. I have made up a box to take over to the mail tomorrow…watch, it will arrive on Tuesday…but the cookies/candy shouldn’t get stale…in fact these are the kind of things that are better with a little age. Anyway…we went over to Hilary’s for the grand start of Christmas! I got awesome stuff: Amy Sedaris’s party book, a journal and great kitchen paper kit (memo, letter box, etc), Tim even walked away with a 12 year bottle of scotch. DANG!

Here are the pictures after the gift frenzy…it’s the best I could do with out obessing. ;)

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