Sometimes, I think it might be my serverside of things that muck things up. In any case I was too tired to hit post I guess…and now today there seems to be problems updating. Hopefully it will resolve itself before we leave.

This morning we slept in until 10:30. Man, sleeping off a night of open faced cribbage with Ben and Kelly in their adorable house in Milwaukee, after dropping of Pluto to his dog sitter, with a few glasses of wine/beer was ….great. Ahh. Christmas part II was a success.

So this morning I made (am making mincemeat pie). While I was making that, I poured myself a cup of coffee. Later I took a sip and almost spit it out. It tasted awful. I had Tim taste it, and he agreed it was horrible. “What did you pour in it?!” he exclaimed.

“Just the usual….cream….su….” and then I realized that making pie crust and a cup of coffee at the same time is a bad idea. Instead of sugar, I had poured salt into it. :X

Yeah, I hope that isn’t the face of things to come. Today, we start the trek up north. Stopping at Lori and Andrew followed by Dad/Barb and then the hotel.

Things I still have to do:

-take a shower and get dressed
-finish wrapping gifts
-clean the car
-find music for trip
-pack car
-oh and feed the cats and possum

If I don’t manage to post (and I’ll try VERY hard) … Merry Christmas to ALL, and to all a good Day.

(that is if I can get this to post)

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